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Room for doubt

A little while ago I had a post about one of the quotes I read in a book I have been reading called Life of Pi.  The quote was on doubt not being a good choice for a philosophy of life.  I still think this is an unhealthy choice, however I would like to say a little something about having doubt.

I believe doubt is something which is healthy.  Sunday morning we had a discussion on a passage in scripture which had a man crying out, “I believe, but help my unbelief!”  The more discussed this, the more we started to realize not only the reality of doubt (Meaning we all have doubts.) but also the need for such. 

Growing up, I guess I kind of thought doubt was something which was frowned upon in my Christian walk.  Where there were doubts there was weakness.  This was not something which was said or taught overtly, but it kind of crept into the mind.  I guess I began to get fundamental about this kind of thinking and was not able to be surprised.  Could doubt lead to being surprised….?  

I believe a healthy doubt challenges us to go deeper.  It makes us question what we think is true or real.  This is a good thing.  Think about Jesus and his interactions with some of the Pharisees for a second.  In challenging their way of thinking, they must have had to doubt where they were.  This caused growth did it not?  If they did not change, then they did not doubt where they were.  

The charge I guess in this is to embrace our doubts and go further.  Do not quit looking deeper.  The scary part of doubt is that it could cause us to stop looking….yet it should cause us to look further!


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