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This past Sunday morning our topic of study was that of prayer.  There were 2 passages we looked at in particular.  Firstly, we looked at the Mark 9.  This was to follow up from last week, where we talked about doubt.  At the end of this passage, Jesus told the disciples that the reason why they could not cast a demon out was because this particular one could only be done through prayer.  One of the main things which came out of the discussion was our reliance and our understanding that God does things.  Maybe the disciples were praying, but it was not working?  Maybe this was because they were thinking it was more about them than about what God can do.  Just before this Jesus calls them an unbelieving generation.  This is possibly due to their lack of belief in what God can do.  They had belief…but it was in themselves, rather than in what God is able to do.  

The other passage was the Lord’s prayer, Luke’s version.  The main thing which came out of this passage was how the disciples came to Jesus and asked him how to pray.  I guess I kind of read between the lines here.  I hear them being upset because when they are praying nothing is happening.  So they go to Jesus and want to know what is going on….”Teach us to pray Jesus.”  Oh how this resonates with me.  I find comfort in these kinds of things.  It even makes more sense when you think about this in regards to what Jesus tells them about how to pray…

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