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Incompetent, I am

IncompetenceThere are not that many things which are truly freeing in life.  I have run into quite a number of things which have the impression of being freeing, however, they end up dealing more bondage (or I end up making it more bondage than it should be).  For me, one such thing is coffee.  I love me some!  Especially when I have had a rough morning.  The caffeine gives me energy, it gives me freedom, it gives me open eyes!  However, with all the things it gives, I have become somewhat a slave to it (If you are wondering, the reason I have put “somewhat” is because I am in denial).  If I do not have it then I am miserable with a headache, moody with shortness – both in stature and temprament. 

So this past week I have learned something which gives freedom.  This is the idea of starting my day with the understanding that I will be incompetent today.  Randy shared a bit about his mantra and this was the first part.  I have been chewing on this idea and the more I do the more I recieve from it. 

I am a fallen, I am not perfect, I am in need of grace.  You see, I am one of those people whose toughest critics are themselves.  But when I think about this, I end up practicing grace on myself.  Let me just say, there is Freedom in this action!  The interesting thing about this is that when I have intentionally done this, I end up doing the same with those around me.  Funny how that is…. 

Not sure how, but I want to incorporate this somewhere in my montra!


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